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Why We Must Fly – Puerto Rico

  Why we MUST fly.   In the United States territory of Puerto Rico, the shelters euthanize 92 percent of all pets brought to them, as few pets are spay/neutered and they are constantly breeding.  It’s not just Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas either, it’s Golden Retrievers, Yorkshire Terriers, Poodles and other highly prized breeds as well.   […]

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  Dania is one of the remaining 118 dogs living at the Humane Society of the Delta in Helena Arkansas – the 13th poorest county in America.  Some pets at this shelter have been there all their lives – a few as long as six years .  If everyone who sees this post opens up […]

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Wings of Rescue’s 2017 Mission!

Wings of Rescue is proud of our accomplishments this year. Because of your generous donations we have flown 130 rescue flights in 2016 including almost 10,000 pets (including over 1,500 cats and 70 rabbits) to safety. In 2017, our goal is to fly 12,000 pets to a second chance but, our mission is going to […]

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Wings of Rescue Flies Cats Too!!!

Cats have it bad in municipal shelters.   In many open admission municipal shelters in Louisiana, a cat has a .05 percent chance of getting out of a shelter alive.  In California shelters the live release rates are frequently less than 15 percent, in Oklahoma it’s less than 5 percent.  That’s why Wings of Rescue is […]

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