P.O. Box 21747, Seattle Washington 98111

Our Mission

Wings of Rescue flies large scale transports of at-risk shelter pets from disaster situations and overcrowded shelters to shelters where there is empty kennel space and where no local shelter pets are displaced by our flights. To date we have flown 99 flights carrying 7,161 pets (4,868 dogs, 2,276 cats, 13 pot-bellied pigs, 3 rabbits and one Cockatoo) to safety, and have flown in 137,996 pounds of humanitarian aid into the Bahamas.  We recognize that transport by itself is not a solution.  It will not solve the underlying problems facing overcrowded open-admission municipal shelters throughout North America.  Education and spay/neuter programs must be instituted in these communities so that we don’t end up in Einstein’s definition of insanity – trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  That’s why we have instituted Operation Pit Stop – providing free spay/neuters to owned pets in West Memphis Tennessee and Bakersfield California and will soon be expanding the program to Fort Worth Texas and Little Rock Arkansas.

In 2018, Wings of Rescue flew 7,212 pets (5,454 dogs, 1,756 cats and 2 pot-bellied pigs) weighing 124,151 pounds a distance of 248,233 miles on 103 flights to safety.  We responded to Hurricanes Florence and Michael and the California Wildfires.

In 2017 Wings of Rescue flew 11,183 dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs and guinea pigs to safety.  We are proud that we also flew in 124 tons of badly needed emergency supplies – for both humans and pets – into the Caribbean after the Hurricane Maria catastrophe.   We are also pleased that we were able to fund spay/neuter efforts in Bakersfield California and provide financial aid to underfunded no-kill shelters, so that they could keep their doors open so we could reduce their populations by flying their pets to our network of receiving shelters with empty kennels.  Since our founding in 2012, there are now over 37,000 pets who are cherished family pets living in homes after having been flown on either one of Wings of Rescue’s squadron of volunteer pilot owned planes or on one of charter cargo planes..

For us to fly we need your support.  It costs approximately $100 per pet to fly from danger to a new home – and your generous donations keep us in the air doing what we do best – saving lives.  We are an all-volunteer operation and have no paid employees.

Wings of Rescue has become the leading transporter of pets flying our regular transports between overcrowded shelters to shelters with empty kennel space and guaranteed safety and our lifesaving flights in times of emergency. We hope you will help us keep flying pets to safety and create even more happy endings in 2018!  We invite you to join the Official Wings of Rescue Flight Support Team by either donating which you can do by clicking here:  www.wingsofrescue.org/donate or by mailing a check to Wings of Rescue, P.O. Box 21747, Seattle, Washington 98111


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