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Why We Must Fly! Saving Louisiana’s Flood Victims – 252 dogs and 208 cats saved so far!!!

Why We Must Fly! Saving Louisiana’s Flood Victims – 252 dogs and 208 cats saved so far!!!


Wings of Rescue’s mission is to be there when there are pets in need.

Due to the horrific flooding in Louisiana, Lafayette’s shelters were extremely overcrowded and there were more pets arriving at their open admission shelters every day.   The shelters were well past their capacity and had run out of options.  Friendly, healthy and highly adoptable pets were facing imminent death.   Wings of Rescue immediately reached out to our no-kill shelter partners throughout the Pacific Northwest who were all too willing to provide sanctuary and new homes for these pets. Thanks to your generous donations, Wings of Rescue has flown five Metroliner (our modern version of Noah’s ark!) rescue flights out of Lafayette transporting 252 mostly large breed dogs and 208 cats to safety to no kill shelters in Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Washington and San Diego – from where each of these fortunate pets has already been adopted.  However there are still thousands of homeless pets in Louisiana’s shelters, and the outlook for them is bleak at best.   The euthanasia rate for cats in Louisiana’s municipal shelters is over 99 percent and for dogs in many of the open admission facilities it is over 80 percent.  It costs us $17,000 to fly a rescue flight from Louisiana to safety in the Pacific Northwest – but it’s well worth it if we can save these precious shelter pets’ lives.

Please help us with our continuing effort to save these fabulous pets by donating at www.wingsofrescue.org/donate


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