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April 28, 2019

I’m exhausted but happy. Yesterday I loaded 2,000 pound bags of cat food onto our Wings of Rescue charter cargo plane in Fort Lauderdale and then flew 4 hours to Puerto Rico where there is a huge cat food shortage. I had 10 hours on the ground to get some rest in the middle of the day – but it was hard to sleep in the heat. I’m a volunteer, as everyone at Wings of Rescue is, and my job is to load the plane and serve as the pets’ escort home. At 2 A.M., we begin loading. We somehow managed to find room on the plane to fit in 96 dogs and 6 cats from our partners at the Sato Project weighing 2,408 pounds and fly them 4 hours back to Fort Lauderdale. We landed at dawn and off-load 36 pets to our friends at Nashville Humane Society who had driven 16 hours to take them back to their amazing shelter from where these once unwanted pets will be quickly adopted. Then we flew another 4 hours to Morristown where we arrived on schedule and unloaded the remaining pets.

I glance at our statistics. It’s April 28th 2019 and so far this year we have already flown 3,678 pets (2,303 dogs, 1,363 cats and 12 pot-bellied pigs) weighing 57,581 pounds a total of 113,867 miles to safety.

I call a Lyft to take us to Newark to catch a plane back to Los Angeles. Unlike our Wings of Rescue flight, my commercial is 5 hours late and I can’t remember when the last time I slept was – but that’s okay because the pets are safe.

I smile through a yawn.

My job never gets old.

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