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On April 9th the La Sourfrière volcano erupted and devastated the Caribbean island nation of St. Vincent  Most of the island was covered with up to 16 inches of volcanic ash and over 1/5th of the island was evacuated from the “Red Zone”.  Animals were extremely hard hit as many suffered burns and other injuries while the island’s fresh water supply was rendered undrinkable.  The airport was closed and pet food supplies were exhausted.

When disaster strikes, you can count on Wings of Rescue to be there. Because of your support, on May 20th, Wings of Rescue, in partnership with the  Vincentiene SPCA, Chewy, Tito’s Handmade Vodka and IFAW  landed our Brasilia  carrying 5,150 pounds of humanitarian and veterinary supplies for St. Vincent – flew out with a every eligible displaced dog from the island.  To make the flight even more gratifying for all of us at Wings of Rescue, the dogs flew out of Tampa Humane, the receiving shelter, into new loving homes – almost as quickly as they flew in!

When Wings of Rescue responds to a disaster we don’t just go there for the “photo op” flight when it captures the medias attention.  We responded to Hurricane Maria when it struck in 2017 – and have been partnering with the amazing Sato Project to fly in aid and out over a thousand pets since the disaster.  After Hurricane Dorian struck the Bahamas we have continued to provide aid for the devastated island of the Grand Bahama and it’s outstanding Humane Society of Grand Bahama.   It is going to take years for St. Vincent to recover and Wings of Rescue has made a long term commitment to the fantastic people and pets from this Caribbean nation to help them beyond one flight.

We want to thank all our amazing donors for allowing us the privilege of helping those who need our help the most!