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Cats Fly First Class At Wings of Rescue!

Cats Fly First Class At Wings of Rescue!

Cats often have it bad in most open-admission shelters across the United States.   A cat has only a one percent chance of getting out of a shelter alive in many Louisiana shelters.  In California shelters the live release rates are frequently less than 15 percent, in Oklahoma it’s less than 5 percent.  Cats get top priority and fly first class on all Wings of Rescue transports and we are proud to announce that as of October 1st 2019 Wings of Rescue has flown 2,323 cats to safety – which is over 500 more felines than any previous year!

We are pleased to have partnered with our friend Jackson Galaxy and flown highly deserving cats to shelters, primarily in the Pacific Northwest, from where they have been quickly adopted.  What makes this exceedingly gratifying for all of us at Wings of Rescue is that we have flown these cats to shelters without displacing local shelter cats in the process!

Transport alone will not solve the cat overpopulation problem in American shelters.  TNR (Trap/neuter/release) programs need to be aggressively pursued to reduce community (feral) cat populations, and shelters need to learn how to market their cats better.  Wings of Rescue encourages and educates shelters about innovative programs such as Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Positive which provide enrichment to cats and makes them more adoptable.  We have formed partnerships paper writers with innovative cat adoption agencies like PAWS Cat City and Noah in Seattle the Seattle Area Feline Rescue (SAFR), and the Cat Adoption Team in Portland and will continue to seek out more safe havens for cats throughout North America.

We will be keeping you updated on the progress of our historic cat flights and if you would like to become a part of history and help us give these kitties their honorary “wings” and new loving homes, please help by donating here.