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Wings of Rescue Flies Its 30,000th Pet To Safety!

Wings of Rescue Flies Its 30,000th Pet To Safety!

Wings of Rescue’s September 27th, Operation Homeward Bound flight in partnership with Jackson Galaxy and the Greatergood.org flying our precious cargo of 140 cats and 2 puppies to Washington will mark a milestone as we fly our 30,000th pet to safety since we starting keeping records in 2013.   It is of course a moment of happiness for all of us at Wings of Rescue as we celebrate the 30,000 lives saved, and the 128 tons of emergency humanitarian aid we brought to the victims of Puerto Rico.  However, it is tinged with sadness as we mourn the millions of highly adoptable dogs and cats who we were euthanized during that time due to our not having both enough financial resources and receiving shelters with empty kennel space where no local shelter pets would not be displaced by our flights.

Wings of Rescue is ramping up our operations to reduce this needless euthanasia.   We have dramatically increased the number of our large cargo plane flights – and as of September 2018 have touched down in 34 states, Puerto Rico and 2 provinces of Canada.  We have expanded our close partnership with the Greatergood.org and Freekibble.com, continued our relationships with both the ASPCA and HSUS and teamed with Jackson Galaxy to save over 500 kittens in the last six weeks!

We have also created Operation Pit Stop teaming up with race-car driver Gustavo Yacamin and the Bakersfield SPCA to offer free spay/neuters for Pit Bulls in Bakersfield California.  We will reward  those who bring in Pit Bulls for altering with a raffle ticket and the lucky winner will walk away with  a 70 inch high definition smart television.  We need to stop the tidal wave of abandoned and unwanted pets flooding our shelters – and the only way we will do that is by offering innovative free spay/neuter programs to the public.

Our goal is to be the Maytag repairman and not be needed, however that day isn’t likely to come soon.  Until then we need your generous support to keep flying because we have sadly learned that hopes and prayers make us feel good, but they don’t often address the immediate needs of pets facing euthanization in shelters.  We invite you to join the Wings of Rescue Flight Support Team by donating either online by clicking here or by mailing a check to Wings of Rescue, P.O. Box 6045, La Quinta, California 92248.  Anyone donating $125 or more will receive a free Wings of Rescue “Let The Fur Fly” t-shirt.

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