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Wings of Rescue’s Mission – Let The Fur Fly!

Wings of Rescue’s Mission – Let The Fur Fly!

Wings of Rescue’s Mission is to fly large scale transports of at-risk shelter pets from disaster areas and overcrowded shelters to shelters where there is empty kennel space AND where no local shelter pets are displaced by our flights.

We are proud of our achievements.  Because of your generous donations there are well over 35,000 pets who otherwise would have perished in overcrowded shelters who have flown to new loving families.   Here are a few statistics:

In 2016 we flew 114 flights carrying  6,543 pets (5,053 dogs, 1,424 cats and 66 rabbits, a total of 244,696 miles to safety.

In 2017, due to the disasters of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria we flew 122 flights carrying 11,131 pets to (9,442 dogs. 1,686 cats, and 3 pot-bellied pigs) to safety – while delivering 128 tons of humanitarian aid to Puerto Rico which was distributed to the victims of Hurricane Maria.

In 2018 we flew 103 flights carrying 7,177 pets (5,419 dogs, 1,756 cats and 2 pot-bellied pigs) to safety.

In the first 4months of 2019 Wings of Rescue has already flown 39 flights, carrying 3,678 pets (2,297 dogs, 1369 cats and 12 pot-bellied pigs) weighing 57,871 pounds, a distance of 113,867 miles to safety and there are more flights being added constantly.

Our flights have landed in 44 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. and British Virgin Islands and 3 Canadian Provinces.  

Wings of Rescue recognizes that transport alone will not end the problem of shelter overcrowding and euthanasia.  Education and spay/neuter programs must be implemented if we ever achieve our goal – which is to become the “Maytag Repairman” and never have to fly!  That is why we have started Operation Pit Stop.  We are offering free spay/neuters to all Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes in certain markets and offering incentives for people to bring in their pets for altering.  We are supporting education programs in communities and we are working with shelters to bring innovative programs that will increase local adoptions.

Wings of Rescue would like to thank all of you, our generous donors, for helping us “Let The Fur Fly”. 


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