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Wings of Rescue Flying Shelter Pets from Hurricanes and Other Natural Disasters!

Wings of Rescue Flying Shelter Pets from Hurricanes and Other Natural Disasters!

When Mother Nature decides to wreak havoc on a community – be it a hurricane, tornado or fire – Wings of Rescue is standing by to render assistance.  Within hours of being called Wings of Rescue will land one of our planes in the area and start flying pets who were in shelters prior to the disaster to safety in shelters where there is empty kennel space and no local shelter pets will be displaced by our flights.  We fly these flights to open up shelter space in the local shelters so they can accommodate the number of pets entering their facilities – who hopefully will be reunited with their families.

Wings of Rescue has flown flights out of Hurricanes Michael, Florence, Maria, Irma and Harvey and responded to the California Wildfires.  In 2017 we flew 4,500 pets out of the hurricane zones.  We were the first pet based charity into Puerto Rico after it was hit by the catastrophic Hurricane Maria – and are proud that in addition to flying pets off the island that we were able to fly 128 tons of humanitarian supplies for both people and pets into San Juan and other Puerto Rican cities.   As soon as those missions ended the California wildfires erupted and Wings of Rescue was there flying dogs, cats and rabbits to safety from Ventura County.

So far in 2018 we have responded to Hurricane Florence with a flight from the Carolinas to Wisconsin.  Shortly thereafter we were on the ground flying dogs and cats from the Florida panhandle to safety – and our mission is ongoing.

The need on the ground is huge.  Far too many pets across the hurricane belt  are facing dire emergencies.  Wings of Rescue, in partnership with the Greatergood.org . is already flying pets to safety; but to continue our flights we need your support.  Please donate to our emergency response team so we can save these pets by clicking here: 

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